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Fencer's Staples, Staple Guns.

When choosing replacement staples for your Fencing Staple Gun there are a few things to consider:

What type of gun do you have? The majority of gas powered staplers take a staple of 3.10mm (3.15) width. Also popular are staplers that fire staples of 4.0mm width. They are not compatible. Choose either 4.0mm or 3.15mm width.

What length staple should you choose? We offer 3.15 in 25mm/33mm or 40mm lengths, and 4.0 in 40mm or 50mm lengths.

Your 4.0 Stapler requires expensive proprietary branded staples. No longer true. We offer 4.0 staples for Stockade, and, with our adaptors, for two other major branded 4.0 Staplers.

Barbed or Knurled? Independent tests show that knurled are equally effective. See tests below.

We offer Staples for gas powered fencing staplers in 4.0mm and 3.10 (3.15) widths and also in a variety of lengths. We supply all types, and even offer alternatives to the expensive proprietary Brands.

Now available from Montana - a 4.0mm staple gun that takes standard, economical staples of both 40mm and 50mm lengths.

We also offer our own loose staples in tubs of up to 20kgs.