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Fence Clamps

Fence straining clamps for sheep, horse and deer netting

Due to high demand we have had to dual source our 100cm and 130cm clamps. you can now choose between the UK model still made by our local welders or our Overseas model. They are made to the same design but lower costs overseas mean that we can call that one the Economy model. Strainrite Wedge Clamps are made in NZ from high quality galvanized steel.

Use these boundary fence clamps in conjunction with Strainrite Boundary Fence Strainers. It is best to use two strainers, at top and bottom of the clamp. The fence is clamped between the clamp plates and then the clamps are strained together until the desired tension has been achieved. The wires are joined in the normal way and the strainers and clamps removed.

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